• 13 / Feb 2018

    Rina Memorial Day

    २०६० फागुन १ गते तत्कालीन शाही नेपाली सेनाबाट हत्या गरिएकी पोखरी चौरी ४ काभ..
  • 1-31 / Jan 2018

    Screening of “Remembrances – Reflections of healing” @ local schools and colleges

    "Why did the daughter leave the house. Did she have no other option?" –asked by one of the students of class 8 This short participatory film made by 10 young girls and women was screened at sever..
  • 22 / Jan 2018

    Screening at WOFOWON

    There were two films that were screened at WOFOWON office on 22nd January 2018.  "Remembrances- Reflections of healing" and "Nanhi Boonde". Guest facilitator, Sunita Danuwar from Shakti Samuha was al..
  • 11 / Dec 2017

    Remembrances- Reflection of healing, Screening@Outdoor Adventure Center Nepal

    “Remembrances - Reflections of healing” is a collection of participatory films made by young girls who were living in our partner organization Shakti Samuha’s shelter home. In this collection of..
  • 2 / Dec 2017

    16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence

    On 2nd of December 2017, as a part of the 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence, VOW Media in collaboration with Women Lead Nepal, hosted and screened two short films, “Remembrances- Refl..