17 May 2019

Memory, Truth & Justice: Educational Outreach Program

Screening of Documentary film and testimonial videos of  Victims family members among the students of Paropakar School took place on...

13 May 2019

Memory, Truth & Justice: Educational Outreach Program

"This documentary screening session has definitely educated our kids more than their textbooks." Thakur Shrestha, Social Studies teacher. We screened...

10 May 2019

Memory, Truth & Justice: Educational Outreach Program

|Memory, Truth & Justice | Screening of victims family members Documentary and  testimonial videos  and  on May 10,2019 with the students...

9 May 2019

Memory, Truth & Justice : Educational Outreach Program

| Memory, Truth & Justice: Educational Outreach Program | Documentary Screening and discussion program held on May 9, 2019,with the...

6 May 2019

Memory, Truth & Justice: Education Outreach Program

"We Should help victims to get Justice." said one of the student of Shree Saraswoti Niketan School. Documentaries Screening of...

11 March 2019

Panel Discussion: Memory Matters

Alicia Partnoy, a writer and survivor of Argentina's genocidal war will be joined in discussion with Ram Bhandari, Gita Rasaili...

9-17 March 2019

The Little School

The Little School is a memoir by Alicia Partnoy based on her experiences inside a clandestine detention center during Argentina’s...

19-23 Feb 2019

14 Stories: Living Memories of War

14 stories: Living Memories of War, an exhibition of photo stories of civilians living with conflict related disabilities, begins 19th...

15 - 22 Dec 2018

Serendipity Arts Festival ’18

India's first multidisciplinary arts event 'Serendipity Arts Festival 2018' was held in Goa from December 15 to 22, 2018. VOW...

10 Dec 2018

Celebrating Governance Facility Partnership

On 10th December 2018, Governance Facility and its partners came together to celebrate their partnership during a special event organised...