11-13 / Aug 2011

A Day In Her Life screening at Chicago Sex Worker Film Festival

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, August 11-13, 2011
Location- Everleigh Social Club
939 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL

Friday, August 12, 7:00pm
$10 Donation at Door to benefit SWOP-Chicago

“Working Girl Blues”- (Damien Luxe, 2009) -Kitchen worker at a convent… Vintage retail bitch… Secretary at an ivy league university… SEX WORKER! A jane of all trades evaluates her curriculum vitae in this soulful short. (4 min.)

“A Day In Her Life” (Voices of Women Media, 2010) – Multimedia workshop for sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It consists of 6 short videos – self portraits from different women who work in the windows of the Red Light. A compilation of short movies made by sex workers in the Netherlands through the Voices project. “Our goal is to use media to create a more humanised and multi-faceted picture of the sex industry. We want to show this industry as a complex fabric, composed both of women workers who are entitled to demand their rights as workers and women who have been forced into the industry. Many people looking in from the outside have quite a polarised view. Women are either victims, or they are making choices. But as in any other area of life, there are many grey zones. (18:00 min.)

“Frida’s Informal Economy” (Matthew Jackalinksi, 2010)
A day in the life of Frida and Milo, who accept offerings of stories and food in trade for sex, and work out of vans parked next to the local ice cream cart drug dealer in a deserted strip mall in Tucson. (9 min.)

“Transitioning Through Sex Work” (Bethany Childs/ Jay Very, 2011) – This Film Short documents an individual’s attempt to maintain a career in the sex work industry while undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy. (4 min)

Event Location:

Location- Everleigh Social Club 939 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL