A multimedia exploration of sex workers through their personal stories and lives. How they live day-to-day, howthey cope, their dreams and desires and how they survive. Through this projectwe will attempt to concretize and document a life that may otherwise never berecorded or perhaps acknowledged. The project also aims to provide multimediaskills training and to provide an alternative form of expression for women who oftenhave to lead a double life and live in anonymity.



  • Multimedia workshop from October 2011-April 2012


A Day In Her Life 2011 – Radio

November 21, 2011
VOW RADIO presents, “Where is the rainbow?”


Today we are talking with women who arrived in The Netherlands from all over the world. What is on the other side of their rainbow? What does it mean to leave home and start new lives in The Netherlands?

VOW RADIO @ Red Light Radio 11-21-2011 by Red Light Radio




A Day In Her Life 2012 – Photography + Booklet


A Day In Her Life 2012
Photography from 8-9 participants from 2011-2012 exploring themes such as emotions, color, and a day in your life.

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Each participant chose selects from her portfolio of work to be included in the publication of the A Day In Her Life 2012 booklet.
Sample images here: