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    Pieces of Home

    VOW Media worked with the migrant women of het Wereldhuis and the Support Group for Undocumented Women. Het Wereldhuis is a centre for information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented migrants – people with no rights – searching..

    Displaced – A Youth Exchange

    Working with migrant women, we have seen first-hand how increasingly fearful and discriminatory attitudes in Europe have become towards migrants. While people have kept migrating in search of better economic or social conditions, the levels of..
  • We Can Changemakers

    In 2012 VOW Media became a coalition partner of We Can (end all violence against women). We are working together with We Can partners to raise and address the issue of violence against women worldwide. VOW Media is a coalition partner of We Can..
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    Breaking the Spell

    In 2012, VOW Media worked with young girls - who have been victimized by, or are at the risk of falling victim to “loverboys”, as well as girls who have gone through severe traumatic experiences, such as repeated emotional, physical and/or..
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    A Day In Her Life 2012

    From October 2011 until April 2012, we worked closely with women connected to the sex industry at the Prostitutie en Gezondheidscentrum (P&G 292) in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The participants created a body of work which includes..