6 / Nov 2017

Remembrances – Reflections of Healing, Screening @Shakti Samuha
  • Location -

  • Chuchepati

Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. About one-quarter of the Nepalese population is currently living below the poverty line. Nepali girls and women are subjected to poverty, abuse, and various forms of violence including human trafficking;and after the massive 2015 earthquake, various reports confirm that human trafficking rate has gone up in Nepal.

“Remembrances – Reflections of healing” is a collection of participatory films made by young girls who were living in our partner organisation Shakti Samuha’s shelter home. In this collection of short films Young girls and women who are survivors of human trafficking share their unique stories from their perspective.

The films had been privately screened by VOW Media at Shakti Samuha’s head office which is at Chuchepati, Kathmandu on November 6, 2017.