• Visualizing the Voices of Migrant Women Workers (Hong Kong)

    The exhibition 'Visualizing the Voices of Migrant Women Workers' at the University of Hong Kong on Friday, 10 February 2017, was a celebration of 10 year anniversary of Voices of Women Media. The exhibition featured stories of journeys, work..
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    Desh to Bidesh

    As a part of  'Desh to Bidesh' VOW Media  in collaboration with POURAKHI NEPAL organized photography and videography workshops for 10-20 returnee migrant women and Pourakhi’s staff at Pourakhi’s office in..

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    Memory, Truth & Justice

    MEMORY, TRUTH & JUSTICE  is a project to document, archive and share personal stories of survivors and families of the victims of the armed conflict in Nepal from 1996 - 2006. A multimedia project using audio, video..
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    Todo Bandishen

    'Break the Chains' was the second project for VOW Media with FAT. It is we provided technological tools to young women to fight against early marriage. Computer skills, photography and film making helped them to..
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    A Day In Her Life Hong Kong – 2014

    “The advancement of women in society can be fostered by the creation of a positive self-image and a stronger sense of identity through the use of art, media, and education.”

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